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Windows Tips & Tricks

If you are anything like me, you are probably on your computer a lot working. With the pandemic we have changed the way we work and working from home has been more important than ever. Here are a few useful tips that I use a lot.

First is the Windows-V Most of us know the short cuts of copy and pasting, but we also know that it only takes the most recent thing you have copied, wouldn’t it be nice to be able copy text of different things are be able to refer back to what it is that we wanted? Well let me introduce you to Windows-V.

Windows -V does exactly this. It allows you to select from items that you had copied so that you can select which text you want. Enable to do this you have to first turn on the copy history. To enable copy history do the following:

click on the windows start menuSettingsSystemClipboardTurn on the Clipboard history. Now, you can copy two texts one after another, and instead of hitting “ctrl+v” hit “windows+v“. By hitting, “windows+v” this will list all the previously copied text, and you can pick one from those lists. How great is this!

Second up is Windows Virtual Desktop. If you are like me, you more than likely have many different windows opened for working/ multitasking. Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for because of this. With the built in Windows Virtual desktop you can now create different desktops to toggle between so that you can work more efficiently and navigate between everything that you have opened. To access Windows Virtual Desktop simple hit the “Windows key + tab key” at the same time.

This shows you everything that you currently have open and at the top left you will see an option that says “+New Desktop”. You have a few options with this, you can drag one of the windows you currently have open over to where it says “+NewDestkop” or you can click on the “+NewDesktop” to make a new one with nothing in it that you currently have open.

By creating a new virtual desktop it is like working in a new computer, To remove any virtual desktop, you need to click the “windows + tab” and cross the intended window by clicking on the cross-icon located on the top right corner of each window.

Third up on my list and maybe this should have been the number one because I find my self constantly using it for different things is the Snip & Sketch feature, This feature has replaced the print screen option that we used to use.

To take a snapshot, you need to hit “windows+shift+s“, this will open a small toolbar on the top of the screen. This toolbar offers the following options: Rectangular Snip: Allows you to take the snapshot of the screen in a rectangular shape. Freeform Snip: As per the name, you can snip the according to your wish in any irregular shape. Window Snip: Allows you to take the snap of one of the selected window. Full-screen Snip: Takes the screenshot of the full screen.

After you select the snip feature of your choice the image gets saved in the clipboard and can be opened in the snip and sketch app. In this app you can highlight and lines or draw any sketch on the snapped images.

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