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IT solutions that make a difference for the small business owner. This is what SNL Tech Services is about.  

My journey to small business owner

I grew up in a small town up north.  My Father is a small business owner, my mom worked at the local Ski Resort and then she opened her own fitness business. We didn’t have any big corporations where I lived. It was small businesses helping other small businesses.   As a kid I always had this sense of pride when people asked me what my parents did because I got to say, they own their own businesses.

My grandparents bought us our first computer; it was an IBM. I wanted to understand how it worked, so I took it apart. I also put it back together and yes it still worked from that point on I wanted to work on computers and that’s what I did.  

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This is what SNL Tech Services is all about. You!

I worked for some big corporations, and I never felt fulfilled. When I started working as an IT consultant and working with other small businesses it felt rewarding to me.  When they thanked me for getting things up and running again, their “Thank You” felt sincere, and I felt happy making a difference in their day; that I could provide IT solutions that improved their daily lives. This is what SNL Tech Services is all about; making a difference for another small business owner.  


Technology is ever changing, which can be frustrating when you just want it to work. One day its working fine and then halfway through the day it decides to stop working. That’s where I come into play, you shouldn’t have to lose valuable time trying to google and troubleshoot your computers or servers or wonder why your Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to work well in one area of your business.  You need to focus on your business, let me focus on the IT solutions, that’s the sole purpose of my business, “making tech work for other small businesses.” 

"Computer issues are a non issue with Shay; my fave IT consultant! Why? She’s undeniably knowledgeable and always makes time for her clients. Easily the best IT experience of my career." 

Daeyna M.

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Get personalized IT support, and save your valuable time.

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