"I realized I had a passion for computers when I took my first one apart. I just really wanted to understand how it worked from the inside out. For the past fifteen years, I have been heavily involved providing computer support in one form or another."


SNL-Tech Services team is convinced that there is a better way to serve small to medium sized businesses and organizations in Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington D.C. areas that are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. SNL-Tech Services is committed to being your trusted IT advisor for local businesses. We can solve your computer and network frustrations and let you focus on your day to day duties, such as your business— so that your business remains competitive.

Ensuring network stability, reliable data and recovery, and effective management of new technologies, such as mobile devices, and cloud technology. SNL-Tech Services strives to stay up to date on all the latest technologies. To deliver that expertise, we focus on understanding your business, and then offer tailored solutions to manage the challenges that technology can bring to your business.

Our goal and mission is to sit down with you and not only hear what you say, but to listen to your concerns, needs, and wants, and create a customized IT solution that suites your business needs.

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