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October is Cyber Security Awareness month.

How are you protecting yourself from all the spooky and bad actors that threaten the digital world? What steps are you taking to protect yourself? Technology has changed how we do everything and with this comes even greater responsibility.

Here are some steps that you can take to make sure you are protecting yourself.

Separate Networks: Have you considered creating a separate Wireless network for you IOT (Internet of Things) devices? I know it can be a hassle to do, but this keeps devices that are more susceptible to being attacked away from your more sensitive devices.

Separate Passwords for your accounts: Do you have separate passwords that are unique for every site that you log into? I know you are rolling your eyes at me right now, but this is important. This is one of the fastest ways to become compromised.

Sperate Email accounts: I have a few separate email accounts setup for things I don’t care about like signing up for store discounts, registration for things I purchase, etc.

Use a Password Manager: Stop saving your passwords in your web browsers. Instead invest in a password manager. A password manager acts like a vault at the bank. You have one master password like a key that you must enter to access your other passwords. I know this is an extra step, but what’s another 15 seconds for being better protected? I personally use LastPass, but there are several options for password managers. Check out my blog for more information about passwords.

Use Multifactor: Do you have 2FA also known as Multifactor Authentication setup? There are several ways to do this, getting a code text to your cell phone or using an authenticator app. I personally like the authenticator apps.

Virus Protection: Do you have a virus scan that does real -time scanning? I would also suggest using something that helps to protect against malware. My two favorite are Trendmicro for virus protection as it offers crypto lock protection and Malware bytes for malware protection.

Use a VPN: If you work from coffee shops, airports or anywhere else that offers free Wi-Fi, always use a VPN.

Be mindful and cautious: You are your first line of defense against bad actors. If you get a text message or email telling you that there is a problem with one of your accounts do not click on the link in the text message or email, instead use your computer and go to the company’s website and login and then verify all of your information is correct.

Private Browsing Mode: I absolutely love using Private browsing mode also known as incognito mode in Chrome. I have my phone setup to automatically use private mode. You can also take it a step further and use a browser extension such as Duck Duck Go for an added layer of privacy protection.


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