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How to Fix My WiFi

Uh oh! You are not connected to the internet!

There is nothing worse than being on a device and getting that message stating that your device is "not connected to the internet", or having the constant disconnects. So, how do you address this issue? Well, the first thing is to not panic and remember to breathe.

Reboot/ Restart your device.

When was the last time you rebooted your device? I know you are rolling your eyes at me right now, but computers, phones, laptops, tablets, they all need a reboot every now again. Look at it as if you haven’t slept for days on end, you start to feel irritable, sluggish and you can’t focus, your devices can start to act the same way.

Check your other devices to see if they are connected:

If you really do not want to reboot your device you can try another device in the house to see if it’s working, make sure you can browse the internet, I always recommend going to a site to verify your public IP address. If your web browser shows you your current IP address, then you know that you are getting out to the internet so you can rule out your internet provider.

Power Cycle your Internet Service Providers equipment:

If you are not able to get a public IP address from a different device or are getting the same pop-up message stating “no internet connection” then you should locate your ISP internet modem and unplug it from power, wait 30 seconds and plug the power back in. Wait for it to fully boot back up. I would give it five minutes and then try to get out to the internet.

Is there an outage affecting your service?

If power cycling your equipment doesn’t help, then you will need to contact your ISP to check for any known outages in your area.

Do you have your own Wi-Fi router?

If you have your own WIFI router, make sure you power cycle that as well by removing the power supply and waiting 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. (DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT push the little reset button in with a pin) that will factory reset your WIFI router which would require reprogramming.

Have you upgraded the firmware on your Wireless Router?

Wireless routers, like any IOT device needs to be maintained. Firmware updates are released by the manufacturer to fix vulnerabilities, bugs, and performance issues. If you don’t know how to do this reach out to a professional like myself.

Are your devices up to date?

Check your devices to see if they need updates. Laptops can be notorious for acting up when they need updates. The same goes for your phones and tablets.

How many devices do you have on WIFI?

I always laugh a little when I ask this question to my clients because people never consider all their devices? Why?, because once they are attached, we tend to forget about it. You must consider the IOT of things. We have gaming consoles, smart tv’s, appliances, cameras,printers, direct tv, Alexa, google, doorbells, etc. Your wireless router might not be able to handle the number of devices that you have.

Is your WIFI coverage sufficient?

WIFI routers are not a one size fits all type of deal. If your office is upstairs on the opposite end of your house and your router is in the garage or basement, chances are the Wi-Fi signal is just not strong enough. Think of it like when you are talking to someone but they are walking in front of you and the wind is blowing, you can't hear them. But if you walk next them facing one another you can hear the conversation easier. If you move closer to where your WIFI router is, and your devices starts to work then you know that your WIFI coverage is the culprit. Luckily there are several options to fix this problem. You can purchase a WIFI extender, a more powerful router, run ethernet cabling, or go with a mesh system.

What is a WIFI Extender?

It’s just what it sounds like, it’s a device that extends your WIFI coverage. I typically don’t suggest this option because I don’t think it’s a great solution for a few reasons. A WIFI extender will cause an interruption in service when you move throughout your home, it will not be a seamless experience for your devices. They will have to jump from one network to the other. An extender is only as good as the signal it is receiving from your main wireless router. If you put your extender in a location where it doesn’t have a great connection to the main router than your devices that connect to the extender will not perform well. It can also cause wireless interference.

What is a mesh system?

There are several mesh systems out now that provide a seamless WIFI network in your home or office, so your devices never lose their connection. Mesh systems are built for larger homes and are expandable depending on your square foot needs,they even have add-ons designed to expand your outdoor WIFI coverage needs. Mesh systems typically have a base station that would plug into your ISP modem and then it comes with additional units sometimes called satellites that you place in other areas of your home, office, or shop to give you coverage everywhere with a single Wi-Fi network.

So many choices.

Not sure which option to choose, schedule a call with me today and we can figure out the best solution for you.


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