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Holiday Shopping and Scams: Some Friendly Holiday Reminders.

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Holidays are fast approaching, and many of us are making our purchases from the convenience of our homes. I wanted to take a moment to remind you to be careful.

In-App Purchases and Facebook Marketplace

Be careful of those deals on Facebook that seem too good to be true; typically, they are a scam. If you are going to buy something from the Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp/letgo, or some other apps, set up to meet in a public place and do not send money ahead of time. If purchasing a powered device, verify the device you are purchasing actually turns on and powers up. Request a real-time video chat to verify the device is in working order. Have someone go with you so that you are not alone.

Tracking Gifts

If you are purchasing gifts online, be cautious of scams that tell you there was an issue with the shipping and provide a link to fix the shipping address. Instead of clicking on that link, go directly to the shipping website, enter your tracking number, or contact the seller to update the shipping.

Bank Scams

Be careful of phone calls pretending to be calling from your bank or credit card company about suspicious activity. Do not verify your information, instead ask the caller for their name and tell them you will call them back and call the number for your bank or credit card company. Locate the number on the back of your card.

Tech Security for New Devices

If you receive a new tech gift for the holiday, such as a new computer or tablet, this is the perfect time to set up more robust security. Set up your 2FA (Multi-Factor Authentication). Consider implementing the use of a password manager. Use one primary authenticator app. Install a virus scan that does real-time scanning and virus definition updates; if this is a shared computer, set up each user's account. Make them standard users when possible and have a separate account that is password protected as the administrator account. Use a web browser that protects your privacy.

Above all else, remember to spend some of your time technology-free.

Happy Holidays!

- Shay


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