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Fraudulent Zoom Emails

Currently the world is having to rely on video conferencing. And, yes, it was only a matter of time before hackers would attempt to use it to their advantage.

This email appeared yesterday in someone’s email inbox. There are two things that immediately stick out to me in the email.

The first is the "from" address comes from noreply@theusersemailaddress

The second is the hyper link that is embedded in the Review Invitation. This hyper link is what has the virus embedded in it. The minute you click on it, it will infect your computer.

I know that it is so easy to click on these because most of the us are now using video conferencing weekly or even daily in our work lives and personal lives as a way of staying connected. Be mindful before blindly click on links.

If you think you might have clicked on an infected link, shut down your computer completely and remove it from your network if possible. Once you have done that reach out to your IT professional so that they can go through your computer and make sure you do not have a virus and to make sure your email account has not been hacked and spoofed by someone else.

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