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Fake Windows 10 update infecting users with Magniber ransomware.

According to Bleeping Computer users are reporting that they are being infected with the Magniber ransomware after doing what they thought was a Windows 10 cumulative or security update. It is believe that users a being prompted by a box popping up notifying y of the update.

Once installed the ransomware encrypts the files and will append a random 8-character extension, such as .gtearevf, as shown below. (Photo of encrypted files from Bleeping Computers). You will also find a readme.txt file telling you how you can get your files back by paying the ransom.

What can I do to protect myself?

Make sure you are not running updates from a website.

In Windows 10 you can access your windows updates by following the steps below.

Step 1. Click on the Windows Button on the bottom left of your desktop.

Step 2. Click on Settings (the gear icon)

Step 3. Select Windows Updates.

Step 4. download and install your updates.

Make sure you have a good virus protection installed on your computer that has realtime scanning and ransomware protection. Have malware protection as well.

Be mindful of the websites you are on and what links you are clicking on. if you are unsure of running updates yourself then reach out to a professional today.


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