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Email Awareness

This year is different for most of us due to the pandemic, more of us are working from home and not going into the office. With the Holidays fast approaching I wanted to remind everyone to be mindful when it comes to emails. With many of us working from home our work dynamics have changed.

The below is an email that a client received.

The first thing he did was to call the supposed sender to ask if she had in fact sent the email to him. She did not. This is what you should do. If you are suspicious, call!

I wanted to take the time to point out a few things in this email that you can watch for:

First, the senders email address. This is not their email address.

Second, the sender asking you “to get a purchase done”. If you are not an office manager or assistant, the odds of the CFO asking you to make a purchase is highly unlikely. This should be a red flag.

The last thing, the email signature. The signature will not be the normal email signature of the person. In this instance, the sender added that it was “sent from mobile device” to make it look like it was coming from their email on a phone.

If you are unsure about an email, then you should contact the sender directly by phone or in person if possible. Do not respond to the original email. If you need to email them instead of calling, then draft a new email to them instead. Being aware and mindful can save you both money and your pride.

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