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Apple releases macOS Ventura.

If you are an Apple user then you have more than likely been waiting in ancipation of the release of macOS Ventura. Well it is now here to download.

There are a number of new features

The feature I want to talk about is "Stage Manager". This feature is going to improve the way you work. As you can see from the image of my desktop screen in the photo above there are serveral apps on the left hand side that are open and available for easy access. For me this is a big deal. If you are like me you probably work in a number of different applications and it is pain not being able to easily go between them. Stage Manager fixes this for you. It has the apps open and to the side of your desktop so that you can quickly navigate in and out of your apps making your work flow easier.

To enable Stage Manager go to System- Preferences- Control Center- and add it to your Menu bar. See image below.

Once you have enabled it in your Menu bar you will see the following:

Now you can open the apps that you frequently work out of and they will appear to the left of your desktop. This is already a game changer for me.

iPad OS 16 also has released Stage Manager.

If you have an iPad that is one of the following than you can setup Stage Manager on your iPad to increase your work flow productivity.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd Gen or later)

iPad Pro 11 inch (1st gen or later)

iPad Air (5th gen)

How to Turn Stage Manager On or Off

Swipe down from the top right corner of your screen to open the Control Center

Tage the Stage Manager icon (shown in the circle in the image below)

To enable Stage Manager on our iPad you must

Open the Settings app.

Tap Home Screen & Multitasking

Then tap Stage Manager

Turn on or Off " Use Stage Manager in iPad"

I am very excited about this feature althought I do wish they would have released it for the iPad as well. I will be talking about more features from MacOS Ventura as well as iPadOS 16 in some up coming blogs as well as my in my email blasts that I send out once or twice a month with tips and tricks. If you have not signed up for it you are missing out. Go to my website and sign yourself up, I promise, I dont spam you with unwanted emails but I do offer some great tips and tricks to help with work flow productivity.


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