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Don't let tech issues ruin your day!

Working from home.

I know since covid first happened many of us have moved to our home offices to work and many of us are not returning to the corporate office. I offer remote and onsite support for People working from home. I love going to my residential clients and getting to visit their pets 😊 It brightens my day.  I ensure your home computers are protected with the latest updates, firmware patches, virus definitions as well as securing your wireless routers, making sure your printer firmware is up to date and securing that internet modem that no one ever thinks to change the password on. 

Worried that your friends’ devices or the kid’s devices are not protected and could infect your home office environment with a virus or malware?  I can make sure your home office and home devices are on a separate network. Wi-Fi not working everywhere in the house. Are your kids complaining that their games lag?  I can help to make sure you have seamless coverage through out your house and home office. 


Are you securing your personal information?  Do you use a password manager?  Does your computer have separate logins for users if it is shared between people in the home?  When was the last time you backed up the photos from that amazing trip you took?  Are you ready to buy a new computer but need help getting everything moved over to it?  Are those new cameras you bought still sitting in the box from amazon because you are not sure how to get them setup correctly?  Is your smart tv not acting very smart?  IT security is something that should not be overlooked, even in the home, I can help secure what's important to you for your safety and peace of mind. 

Solutions to consider: 

  • Separating WiFi for Security

  • Guest WiFi

  • Virus Scan Solutions

  • Malware Scan Solutions

  • Backups for What's Important to You

  • Separate Logins for Shared Computers

  • Smart Device Setups

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From home work to home entertainment, keep your home running smoothly.

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