We offer network auditing for you. We can come in whenever you would like to do a network audit and review any problems that we find or simply address any concerns you might have.

With SNL-Tech Services, you will have the same IT Consultant each time, you will not have an array of techs coming in and out. We believe that seeing the same face is important not only for you as a customer but also on our side, we believe it's important to have someone who will know the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure, and any oddities that it might have.

Benefits of having Managed IT Services:

We Tailor our services to your business needs, so you don't pay for things you don't need.

We can managed all of your third-party vendors to make sure everything works seamlessly together, we realize no one likes to sit on hold with Tech Support for softwares not working, luckily for you we don't mind sitting on hold to deal with this for you.


All the Time IT protection for your business. What does this mean?

We can create customized IT solution plans to fit your company’s needs. We won’t sell you things that you don’t need.

  • We realize that IT can seem scary and expensive if you don’t understand the lingo. SNL-Tech Services will sit down with you and create a plan that fits within your budget and needs. If we think you can move all of your data to the cloud and get rid of the cost of maintaining a server, we will tell you that.  We are here to help you run your business and streamline you as much as possible. We understand your focus needs to be on your work, and growing your company, not on the stress of running a computer network.


  • Not monitoring your IT can slow your business down and sometimes it can bring your entire company to a halt. We focus on optimizing your network and machines so you can work faster, not harder. We offer solutions to monitor your network, servers, and computers. We believe in playing offense with your network, not defense. Many IT companies work off from a break fix mentality, and we understand that mentality costs you money, because if they have to call you because the network is broken, that means your company is down and losing money.  We utilize a multitude of tools to keep you up and functioning.

  • We understand how frustrating it is to have to create a support ticket or call in to a help desk and then wait on hold, only to repeat yourself two or three times and get bounced around from person to person.  You call us directly, or email us directly, or even send in a text message, even if the message simple says “911. I lost a file” we will respond back to you promptly.

SNL-Tech Services doesn’t end their day at 5pm,
We continue to work and monitor your network, servers and computers.

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