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File Migration

Keep your files safe and accessible.

Are your files in the cloud?

So, what is all the hype surrounding the Cloud? Is it right for everyone, for every business? Call SNL-Tech Services today so we can help you determine the best solution for you.

You know that backing up your data is critical, but it’s probably one of the first responsibilities to get put on the back-burner but it’s a mistake that can cost you dearly.


Disasters can happen and computers can cash. Cloud storage allows you the capability and peace of mind that you can access your files from any computer, any tablet, any phone, from any location. You are no longer tied down to one computer to find that document you worked on 6 months ago.

Perks of file migration:

  • Share files with friends or colleagues

  • Access your files anytime, anywhere

  • Advanced encryption

  • Secure file storage

  • Compliant with HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory standards